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Blackhawk Systems is committed to providing solution that can be rapidly deployed in your plant to maximize efficiency, productivity, quality and visibility. Our commitment does not stop with development, as we offer professionally taught training on all major aspects of deployment, administration and customization.

TRANS4M was created for repetitive manufacturing, yielding many benefits such as immediate visibility of performance issues, elimination of duplication, integrated routings, and more. 

TRANS4M is a powerful manufacturing solution, including an efficient warehouse management system and the flexibility for automotive aftermarket. Whether you are an end-user or an integrator, our consulting services on database configuration, customized development tools, and overall use of TRANS4M will allow the implementation of this system to be completely seamless.

We have some of the best and most experienced TRANS4M consultants on our staff. All have come from plants that were using TRANS4M and will work with you from that perspective. We also offer a money back guarantee. For more information about how Blackhawk Systems can help your company automate your business process, e-mail us or call us at 877-575-2637.

TRANS4M is a trademarked product of Infor, Inc.