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Blackhawk SFE®

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Blackhawk SFE®

Blackhawk Systems, Inc., a systems integration company, presents Blackhawk SFE®, an integrated real-time paperless shop floor part manufacturing execution solution specifically written for the repetitive automotive part manufacturer. Blackhawk SFE® relieves the shop floor of the burdensome recording requirements that are required by the ERP/MRP solutions while simultaneously enabling your management team to meet the ever-changing requirements that your customer’s demand. 

Blackhawk is unique in its proven success in providing shop floor automotive solutions. These are inter-dependent with the ERP/MRP solution. There is no duplication of effort between the ERP/MRP package and Blackhawk SFE®. When the required information is available on the ERP/MRP system, Blackhawk SFE® uses it. Blackhawk SFE® not only records the shop floor production information; it seamlessly reports it directly into the ERP/MRP system.

Blackhawk’s vision is that within the repetitive world the only way to continually improve the manufacturing method is to be able to measure where you are. When this measuring can be performed in an accurate and real-time fashion, the plant can both proactively and reactively move towards reduced cost, improved part production, and improved part quality, at the same time accurately fulfilling the customer requirements in a timely manner.

The Blackhawk SFE Solution brings the following to the repetitive manufacturing floor.

  • Reduced Costs

  • Increased Quality

  • Increased Visibility

  • Improved Customer Service

  • Improved Supplier Responsiveness

For more information about how Blackhawk Systems can help your company automate your business process, e-mail us or call us at 877-575-2637.